I have been seeing Dr. Bond for over 2 decades. I really appreciate the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Bond and his staff. Recently, I went in for a routine six-month skin check and Dr. Bond found a spot on my forehead that I had no idea was there - no issues in that area and didn't even knot it existed - but it came back as a basal cell and required Mohs surgery. I just am thankful that Dr. Bond really takes the time to check carefully and always explains things so completely including all the options/ choices I have for treatment.

Kim Folkes


All my questions regarding examinations and treatment are answered and instructions are given in a manner that they can be understood.

H Wagner


I went to see Dr.Bond with multiple issues that needed to be addressed. He patiently and clearly explained the order in which my skin problems needed to be treated and offered me various treatment options. He provided excellent guidance in helping me decide the best course of treatment. I have seen him multiple times since and I am always impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. I would describe his personality as quirky but he was never rude and as we have gotten to know each other better he has shown himself to be very friendly and I look forward to our discussions. I highly recommend Dr. Bond to anyone seeking an excellent dermatologist who is up to date with the latest skin treatments and partners with you in your treatment plan.

Helene Kilianski


Dr. Bond is professional, thorough, and very skilled. Have been a patient for years. Like

Mark Sterns


Dr. Bond was informative and made sure my questions were answered. The front desk was efficient upon check-in and the appointment was easily booked from their website. I was a new patient and yet I was treated like a lifetime patient. I highly recommend Dr. Bond and his staff for your dermatology needs! Like

Shane Blum


I had a good experience with Dr. Bond's office. The staff was nice and Dr. Bond was thorough.

Sandy Mayfield


I have seen Dr. Bond for almost a year now and for other skins issues too. He listens well, then goes straight to efficiently and professionally helping me. He's not super warm and fuzzy but he reminds me of a precious, (now retired), pediatrician that I used for over 30 years, just mega talented, straight to the point, and truly loves helping people to feel better about themselves. His assistant is so helpful and carries a beautiful smile!! The office staff are eager to help and very kind. The office is just across the street from Baylor Grapevine Hospital and I love the convenience. Please try not to judge and give them a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Mary Palmer


Just saw Dr. Bond for the first time today and he was an absolute sweetheart. His staff were all very sweet and respectful. I had an all-over skin check done and he was very respectful about it. He told me what he was looking at and why, he told me where he was going to look next before he did it, he explained everything to me, and he answered all of my questions. I had a dermatologist that I loved who recently moved and I was nervous to see a new dermatologist, but Dr. Bond was so great!

Cassi Jo Webb


I made an appointment with Dr. Bond because it was past time to have a dermatological checkup. I was able to get in very quickly. I arrived a little late which was okay because I had to wait...maybe 20 minutes. The office was very pleasant and clean. The staff was helpful and I found Dr. Bond to be very thorough. When I brought specific areas to his attention, he examined them carefully. I have been to other dermatologists who just seem to hurry through the examination. Dr. Bond took his time. Lucky me. I got a clean bill of health.

Anita Barnwell


A very Knowledgeable Dermatologist. Dr. Bonds goes an extra mile to make sure you understand the issue and lays out all the possible options. I highly recommend him.

Arman Rezaee


The office staff was courteous and professional.Dr Bond was very professional and spent time explaining my condition and treatment options available. I highly recommend him

Daniel Martinez


I have been seeing Dr Bond for 15 years and can testify that he is highly competent in his field. He is not one for small talk, but his professional skill and outcomes have been perfect. I appreciate his conservative and progressive treatments to skin issues.

Scott Devine


I have gone to Dr Bond for many years. I find him to be very competent as a doctor. He's not a chatty guy, but that isn't why I go to him. I go to him for excellent medical care, and that is what I receive. I trust his judgment and I find that he always explains my options to me. He wasn't on my insurance for a while and I tried a couple of other dermatologists. I prefer Dr. Bond hands down and was so happy to go back to him for care.

Elizabeth Solomon


LOVE Dr Bond! I've been seeing him for many, many years! I appreciate that he is highly qualified to address my serious dermatology needs but also his expertise in the occasional cosmetic needs I may have. His whole staff is very professional.

Linda Jarrett


He is a really good dermatologist and medical professional. He is very straight-forward and gives you all the options you have on treating your medical issue. I personally prefer this because I can make informed decisions on my medical care versus having a doctor decide for me without me knowing the options.

B Pancake


I've been seeing Dr. Bond for a few years now, and he has really helped me get my adult hormonal acne under control. He has a unique bedside manner, but he is always interested in listening to what I have to say and problem solving to ensure I am getting the results I want. I wish I had gone to Dr. Bond years ago instead of having to suffer with embarrassing breakouts through my teenage and young adult life.

Kim Holliday


I am so glad I found Dr. James Bond. He and his office have been thorough, professional and friendly. Totally trust him with my skin health.

Ken Around Town


Great Doc and office staff. Doc has a strong passion in medicine. Its NOT all about collecting the copay like so many other docs these days. Highly recommend Dr. James Bond. Shaken, not stirred!

David Crossley


I went to see the doctor with no problems... and the staff was amazing...I will totally refer him to my friends... not sure about the bad reviews except there are a lot of bitter people out there...and some people you can never make happy:)

Yvette Pais


Every 10 seconds I heard a “The names bond.....JAMES BOND”. And I couldn’t imagine where it was coming from

Chris Miller


I’ve been seeing Dr. Bond for 10 years now. Most of my friends think I have great skin however the secret is not great genes it’s a great dermatologist. Dr. Bond knowledge of all skin types is impressive. This was very important to me as a minority and his diagnoses and treatments are always accurate and diligently applied to me throughout the years.

by Malikah Martin


Needing a skin check-up during these trying times, I wondered how my doctors would handle the appointment. First, required appointment (no drop ins), second: at their closed door, I call to let them know that I am outside. During this call, I am asked several questions about my current health (questions about COVID-19 symptoms), then they come to the door and check my temperature, next, I am led to an exam room (all employees are masked), when the doctor appears he is wearing full face shield, gloves, and mask. (I wearing my required mask). The rest of the visit was standard routine. The entire staff was exceedingly courteous, friendly, and very professional. I give them a Five Star+ rating!

by Sue Garcia


Office is easy to work with, minimum wait time to see Dr. Bond. Dr. Bond & medical assistants are thorough and also takes time to answer questions. If there is new medical information that perhaps would be of value to the patient, he lets you know and gives his opinion on the info.

by Clarisse Boss

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